V. Natarajan, popularly known as  ‘ Pyramid ’  Natarajan – Film Producer and Actor – Produced more than 60 films in various languages has experience spanning over 4 decades in Film / Content Production, Management and Distribution.  He started his career with historic Gemini Studios and then joined hands with K. Balachander to nurture “Kavithalayaa”, which seeded the golden era in Tamil Film industry.  He is experienced in the Industry and presided over many context changes in the Industry for over 20 years.  He is an Executive Committee Member of various Trade Bodies like Tamil Film Producers Council and South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.  He was also a member of the Government Body formed to deal with Film Industry and also an Advisory Committee Member on Film Taxation.  He has successfully seeded and nurtured various content producing companies and is a beacon in this venture.

He also served as Examining Committee Member of Central Board of Film Certification for a full tenure of 3 years during 90s.

The remarkable aspect of Natarajan's progress was his ability to create opportunities, utilise them, envisage the next step, and realise his goals. “Our experiences should help youngsters. No point in saying that our children don't heed advice. We have to share our highs and lows with them, in a manner that they accept them as words of genuine concern and not as sermons,” says Natarajan. The way young talents are put down by some of the judges in our reality shows irks him no end. “Don't hurt young minds just because you are in a position to,” he says.
Failures made me resilient. Whatever the obstacle, I remained unfazed.

Courtesy: thehindu